There are three of us in the band: Joe and Matt Ashford (the Twins) and Jon Schaaf. We’re all classically trained musicians in one form or another. We met back in 2009 and have been writing songs ever since. We’re like Kate Bush, in that we don’t gig as a band very often but when we do it’s special!

Since 2009 we have written and published 3 full albums. Our first album ‘The Creation’ was released on iTunes in 2010 is an electronica album essentially. In 2012 we released album number 2 ‘Stop, Rewind, Paws’ as a free download on our website and SoundCloud, we just wanted to get into people’s consciousness. We went for a more ‘pop’ sound for the second album.

In 2014 we released our third album ‘A Pocket Full of Receipts’ which again follows a pop format but there are some nods back to our electronica roots. We released this album on iTunes as well as a free download. The theory behind this being that if you like the album you’ll pop along to iTunes and leave a review or rating.