Jampaw - Stop, Rewind, Paws
Released Spring 2012

‘Stop, Rewind, Paws' is the eagerly aniticipated second album from Jampaw. Their first album 'The Creation' was well received globally and this new offering provides that similar mixture of ambience and big beats they have become known for. Taking the classic pop genre and infusing it with that signature Jampaw sound.

Fans of the first album will not be disappointed with Stop, Rewind, Paws, Jampaw have developed and matured their sound along with the enviable ability for creating the hook and spark that captured the ear and imaginations of a wide range of music lovers.

Taking a different route to the last album, Jampaw have made Stop, Rewind, Paws available free to download as a gift to the fans and the music loving world alike, singer Jon Schaaf says, "We want to spread the music and love of Jampaw to a mass audience. Making the album free will hopefully encourage people to share and spread the word!"